Gabriela Stoițer, BILKA’s Marketing Manager, in the Top 50 Women in economy Yearbook

“In the complicated world of business, it’s extremely hard to make it to the top. And, if we think we’re talking about a sector where men are, in most cases, law-making, it’s all the more complicated for a woman to get ahead. However, in the Romanian business world, there are many ladies who have achieved enviable performances….” Starting from this, the National Confederation for Women Entrepreneurs together with platform launched the yearbook dedicated to women in the Romanian business world and to the recognition of their merits.

Among them there is also Bilka’s Marketing Manager, Gabriela Stoițer, who, since 2014, has been managing the company’s marketing strategy, perhaps being “the youngest marketing director in the construction material industry”.

This Top, published in April 2019, was prepared by platform and the National Confederation for Women Entrepreneurs.