BILKA among the “Top 100 employers”

Capital Media has prepared this year the “Top 100 employers” rakings. Bilka is one of them, managing to achieve a good score thanks to the human resources policy of the company, as well as to attention paid to the labour market.

A high performing team

The fastest growth in the Romanian industry over the last decade. This is the performance that BILKA can take pride in, a company that has become by far the leader in the Romanian roofing market. All this speedy development could not have been possible without the support and the engagement of the employees. In this regard, high praise goes to the human resources department that, on top of dealing with the complex task of recruiting the best suited people, managed to pass on to the employees an organisational culture that Horațiu Țepeș, the founder of the company, has been committed to ever since he took his first steps in the field of entrepreneurship.

“At BILKA, I have learned from the first years of activity that one of the major drivers of performance is responsibility. We believe we are responsible towards our customers and our partners, towards our employees, and towards the community where we carry out our activities. Therefore, responsibility has become one of the core values of the company, around which we build our entire organisational culture”, points out Elena Munteanu, the human resources manager of the company.

Development based on a solid HR strategy

In Romania, the competition for good quality and highly qualified labour force has become fierce, especially in the county of Brașov, the place that has attracted numerous multinational companies thanks to its industrial tradition. “For the company, it is an important achievement that in the last year alone we have managed to draw in one hundred new employees, to integrate them in the Bilka organizational culture, and to support them in embracing the company’s values. Currently, we have 500 employees”, says Elena Munteanu, summing up the challenge she has managed to overcome in the recent period.

How did they manage to compete with the world’s industrial giants, also producing in Brașov? Through the benefits offered by the company and paying attention to the needs of each employee. Moreover, net wages in the company are higher than the local and even the national averages. Regardless, retaining employees is one of the top priorities of the HR department, a factor that generated in-depth analyses. “We have noticed over time that employees generally leave a workplace for other reasons than salary. Thus, in addition to the salary package and the benefits we commit to provide under our contracts, all of which are above the county averages, our strategy is to be permanently connected to the needs of our employees. We constantly seek to identify the strong points of every person and guide them towards the position that suits them best, therefore avoiding employees becoming demotivated. We come up all the time with new opportunities to advance, with new trainings and systems to evaluate and appreciate performance”, says the BILKA human resources manager about her strategy.

“We are and always have been observant when it comes to the labour market, we constantly adjust to changes, and we manage through our salary packages, work schedule, and bonuses to attract the labour force and to keep it, hence why our retention rate is very high.”