BILKA’s turnover at the end of 2014 increased by 29%, with a market share of 24%

BILKA’s turnover at the end of 2014 increased by 29%, with a market share of 24%

BILKA, leader of the roofing market, ended 2014 with a turnover of more than RON 134 million, 29% higher compared to 2013. Last year, BILKA produced and sold over 4 million square meters of metallic roofing, and the company became also the largest consumer of pre-painted steel sheets in Romania, purchasing over 30,000 tons.

Metal roof tiles remain a top-selling category, accounting for 54% of the total sale volumes. It is followed by accessories, corrugated sheets, and insulated panels, representing almost 31%, while rainwater systems (gutters and downspouts) represent 15%. Regarding colours, last year the company recorded an increase in dark shades, i.e. brown, chocolate brown or black, representing approximately 50% of the sales volume, 2 million sqm.

Horațiu Țepeș, the owner of BILKA, states: We think 2014 is the best year in Bilka’s history. At the end of this year, drawing the line, we have: financial performance well above the average of the players on this market and according to the objectives set at the beginning of the year, investments of EUR 3 million, new halls stretching over 27,000 sqm, two new production lines, and about 26,000 roofed houses”.

According to internal estimates, in 2014 BILKA also saw an increase in the share of the metal roofing tile market. In 2013 it held 21% of the domestic metal roofing tile market, and in 2014 it reached 24%.

2014 was a difficult year for the business environment, with a lack of predictability and insolvencies. I knew, from the very first year, that the company’s evolution must be influenced to the greatest extent by the internal business strategy. Therefore, during 8 years we have invested over 9 million Euros and the main objective was to achieve an optimal production capacity, a high-performance logistics system, a wide range of products and a country wide distribution. Another important aspect for the company’s evolution is the efficiency of the whole team and the fact that we do not work looking at the time, we work according to well-established goals and we are aware that, in order to maintain our leader position, we must work harder than the day before. Investments and hard work are the keys to our performance”, says Horațiu Țepeș.

2015 ‒ 8 new production lines

In 2015, an important direction in the company’s business strategy is to keep going with the investment plan started last year, amounting to EUR 5 million. It first targets production growth and diversification.

In 2015, we shall continue our development plans. We need to cover the production halls purchased last year, using production equipment, and we have budgeted investments for eight new production lines for metal roofing tiles, elements of the rainwater system and roof accessories. Once these machines are installed, we will launch new products. Our business strategy is a premise that allows us to consider that in 2015 we will remain number one on the market“, says Horațiu Țepeș.

Increasing the production area continues to be part of the company’s development strategy for the coming years. In order to reach the optimal and necessary area for the budgeted investments in the next years, Bilka is considering purchasing a new surface of 15,000 sqm of land in the proximity of the factory in Brașov. One of Bilka’s goals on the medium term is purchasing a local competitor.