BILKA after 6 months: 55% growth and a new production line

BILKA, leader of the roofing market, recorded a turnover of RON 69 million in the first 6 months of 2015, that is 55% higher than the same period of last year. According to the company estimates, 1 of 4 metal roofs sold in the first half of the year was bought from BILKA.

“Our business in the first 6 months of 2015 was equivalent to the cumulated business during the first four years (2007-2010). This result comes as a consequence of the maturity of investments of over EUR 9 million made in the 8 years of business. However, an important contribution to business growth was the company’s internal infrastructure, and the management system which efficiently managed the existing resources and capitalized the investments made. I believe that without this, the production capacity, the investments and the range of products and services are not enough on one competitive market”, says Horațiu Țepeș, owner of BILKA.

New production lines and metal roofing tile models

At the end of June, the company set up a new production line, doubling the production capacity for the BALCANIC metal roofing tile. This investment is part of the investment program started at the beginning of last year, amounting to about EUR 7 million and will be completed in 2016.

“We plan to process any order in just 24 hours. Therefore, in order to hold on to this commitment, as demand grows, we need to increase our production capacity. In the second half of the year, we will install another 7 new production lines and we will launch 3 new models of metal roofing tiles. The diversification of the product range will lead to the growth of the BILKA business as well as to the growth of the whole roofing market. The investments are supported by our own funds and by bank loans and over 3 million RON from European funds”, says Horațiu Țepeș. After a 55% increase in turnover and investments made to expand production, the company aims to acquire new land.

“In our field, an increase of 55% brings, in addition to the need to increase the production capacity, the need to increase the storage capacity for the raw material. In this regard, we aim at acquiring new land. This year, the concession or purchase of the 13,000 sqm land in the immediate proximity of the factory, on the public domain, becomes mandatory for the proper functioning of the production flow”, states Horațiu Țepeș.

The roofing market in 2015: potential growth by 15%

According to internal studies, the metal roofing market recorded an average increase of 10% in the first half of the year. In 2015, roof sales are driven mainly by renovation works, but there is a revival in both new residential and industrial works.

“Our forecasts are mainly based on the market trend in the first half of the year when demands for roofing have increased unexpectedly. The demand for new homes, the state aid in purchasing new housing facilities, the willingness of banks to support builders and individuals at the same time, together with the producers‘ efforts to increase the market, are some of the elements that add a boost to the roofing market. Also, this year we will also feel the positive effects of the projects completed in the field of agriculture under European funding programs between 2007 and 2014. Once these investments mature, they generate new opportunities and the financial resources necessary for the development of this industry. They are the reasons for a significant increase in the roofing market and, implicitly, in BILKA business”, says Horațiu Țepeș.


BILKA, the manufacturer of roof systems, was established in 2007. BILKA’s turnover in 2014 amounted to RON 134 million. At present, the BILKA factory covers an area of 45,000 sqm, divided into production halls, warehouses, and offices. The factory released last year more than 4 million square meters of metal roofing sheets. The production lines are fully automated, relying on the latest technologies available worldwide. In 2014, BILKA sold its products all over the country and abroad via more than 500 stable dealers. The company’s distribution network covers the entire Romanian territory.