BILKA’s business has exceeded the threshold of EUR 100 million

BILKA’s business has exceeded the threshold of EUR 100 million

BILKA, leader of the roofing market, reached the threshold of EUR 100 million earlier this month, 30% more compared to the same period of the last year. The company’s goal is to maintain its business growth of 30% until the end of the year, mainly based on expansion and investments which have reached a total of EUR 40 million in the past 11 years.

“The EUR 100 million turnover threshold is an important step in the company’s evolution.  This outcome resulted from the significant growth on all of the business lines, the residential division, the industrial division, domestic sales or exports. Investments have been, this year also, the main growth driver. The continuous process of investing in developing and improving the range of services and products, in increasing the production capacity, in team building, in identifying new markets or business divisions, is the key element that characterizes the company’s daily activity, which is also reflected in its financial results”, stated Horațiu Țepeș, Bilka’s CEO.

Investments remain the main focus

The company continues its growth strategy through continuous investment on all business levels. At present, an investment plan is in place for the development of the industrial product division.  It amounts to EUR 20 million and its deadline is 2020.

“Our strategy since the first years of our activity has been to constantly seek new opportunities for development and investment and to create such opportunities where none are to be found. Thus, in addition to the business development this year, which is in line with our business strategy, the more important is the perspective that we have for the next few years in the current context of development and investment. We currently focus on the EUR 20 million investment project taking place between 2017 and 2020. In this respect, this year we started purchasing machinery for industrial sector production, for equipping the platform acquired last year with the equipment necessary for the production of high-profile corrugated sheet metal, insulated panels, and profiles for buildings and structures. We aim at covering the entire spectrum of the industrial segment so that we can offer our customers turnkey industrial halls”, said Horațiu Țepeș.

Exports up 50%

After having consolidated its top position on the national roofing market in the last years, the company accessed the neighboring countries, as well. In the first 9 months of the year, Bilka exported complete roofing systems amounting to EUR 10 million, up 50% compared to the same period of the last year.

“According to sales in the first 9 months of the year, when we recorded 50% more on export, we estimate we will keep this growth for the end of the year. We see great potential in foreign markets. There are markets like Bulgaria or Hungary where we can become a market leader in the next 5 years. This being one of our long-term goals also. This is also due to the fact that more and more neighboring countries are looking at the Romanian products, but also because we currently have the largest roofing systems factory in Eastern Europe”, said Horațiu Țepeș.


BILKA, a leader on the roofing market and the largest consumer of pre-painted steel in Romania, ended the year 2017 with a turnover of RON 394 million. In 11 years of activity, BILKA covered over 200,000 houses and made investments exceeding EUR 40 million. Its production lines are fully automated, relying on the latest technologies available worldwide.

In 2018, BILKA sold its products all over the country and abroad via more than 500 established dealers. BILKA products are exported in several countries, among which Bulgaria, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Germany, Poland, Slovakia or Ukraine.