BILKA awarded for the fastest development of a production company

Capital Magazine celebrated 25 years of existence, organizing a Gala during which awards were granted to the entrepreneurs that had a major contribution to the growth of capitalism in Romania.

BILKA received the award for the fastest development of a production company.

„Happy anniversary, Capital! I think that Bilka is still at the beginning of its journey. Our performance has not been so spectacular. When I look at the billion euro financial figures of our foreign counterparties, I realize we are at an early stage. But we have to consider also the domestic economic environment where we run our business. If we refer to Romania, a turnover of almost EUR 100 million is quite a performance, considering the rather disorganized economic environment, lacking clear rules or changing them from one day to another. What comes to my mind are the words of the French General Berthelot, when he arrived with his army to help the Romanian troops during the First World War. His remark addressed to the Romanian generals was: „You are in a state of admirable disorganization!“ I think we are at the same stage also nowadays. We hope for a better future“, declared Horaţiu Țepeş at the Capital 25 Gala.