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Transportation and handling
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Transportation and handling

Shipping and handling

  • BILKA products are delivered within 24 hours after the order, anywhere in the country and this thanks to the high production capacity, advanced logistics system and good relations with the domestic partners.
  • The significance to transportation and handling, along with the quality and the price, is one of the main factors for which we are the number 1 choice. One product designed, manufactured, packaged and distributed in an effective manner means a less cost.
  • We continue to work on streamlining the delivery and handling in the field of metal roofing, cladding, rainwater systems and all accessories that make up the complete roof system.
  • The staff and the permanent system works constantly to maintain competitiveness in the market and to supply the market with superior quality products.
  • BILKA roofs are executed in different sizes depending on customer needs so that the material losses are minimal and are delivered on wooden pallets, which are easily handled using cranes and forklifts. During manual handling, there is a risk that the edges of the cladding can be destroyed and produce deformation which prevents products to meet their long-term protective role.
  • Products shall not be moved by dragging.



Did you know...

  • Pallets of metal roofing and cladding must be stored indoors in dry, well ventilated areas with no large variations in temperature. For short intervals products can be stored in open spaces, provided for the pallets are covered with a tarp that maintains its color and allows ventilation.
  • Metal tiles pallets must be placed on supports at a suitable distance from the floor to allow draining and venting.
  • The corrugated, galvanized only, without the paint layer metal sheets, shall be stored ONLY in enclosed and dry premises.
  • The storage for more than 2 months is regarded as a violation of the conditions set out in the warranty certificate.
  • Only by complying with the conditions mentioned above, the roof will fulfill its primary role, namely to protect the house for 50 years.