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Folded sheet metal roof panels with joint clicking are a modern solution in the production of roofing and a quick and easy alternative to traditional roofs "with rebate".

This type of metal roofing can be chosen to cover rustic houses or ordinary roofed houses, requiring renovation, but also for new and modern buildings. Retro Panel covering flexibility allows to cover large slope buildings, ensures coverage of atypical buildings such as heritage buildings, keeping the architectural line of the building.

Also, Retro Panel can be used to cover office buildings and shopping centers without interfering negatively on the aesthetic aspect of the building.



  • quick and easy installation
  • undeniable aesthetic of the steep slope roof
  • panels without visible fasteners (screws)
  • longitudinal pre-profiling to increase roof stiffness
  • possibility to execute the roof with a slope of min. 8⁰
  • 29 shades available



1 - Total width      2 - Effective width

Technical characteristics

Material Steel sheet, galvanized on both sides, protected with polyester
Nominal thickness 0.45 - 0.6 mm
Total width
542 mm

Effective coverage width

500 mm
Rebate height
25 mm
Sheet plates length
700-8000 mm
Weight on the surface  4 - 5 kg/sqm
Glossy finish warranty
10-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion
Matte finish warranty
15-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion
GrandeMat finish warranty
30-year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion
Expected lifespan
50 - 60 years for the roof, resistance to temperature changes



Specification sheet I References | GUIDE: How to choose you roof in 5 steps


Range of colors*

Glossy Shades

Matte Shades

GrandeMat Shades

*Colors may be represented differently from one screen to another. For safety reasons ask BILKA representative to show you the color chart.