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ALUZINC Rainwater System


ALUZINC rainwater system is made of the raw material known as ALUZINC.

ALUZINC = rolled carbon steel sheet, coated on both sides with a 55% zinc, 43.4% aluminum and 1.6% silicon protective layer. These three materials are a perfect fit for the supporting steel and give the product a remarkable resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

ALUZINC rainwater system distinguishes itself by exceptional aesthetics and high corrosion resistance. This product combines the durability of the steel, the protection provided by the zinc and the stability and brightness given by the aluminum.

The aesthetics of the natural appearance with zinc flower given by the transparent and thin layer of aluminum oxide.


Protective layer:

ALUZINC rainwater systems is available in two dimensional groups: 150/100 and 125/90.


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