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BILKA is a 100% Romanian company specialized in the production and development of complete roof systems (metal roofing, rainwater systems and accessories) for residential and industrial buildings. BILKA is the number one in the top of the Romanian manufacturers of roofing systems with record sales year after year. In 11 years of activity BILKA covered over 200,000 houses. BILKA factory is located in Brasov and was founded in 2007. Currently, the production and storage halls cover an area of 140,000 sq.m. The production lines are fully automated, relying on the latest technologies available worldwide.

BILKA performance is due to the attention paid to the development of products and services and that the staff and the automated system work in symbiosis to provide continuous and homogeneous quality of a product.




BILKA introduces a new model of metallic roof tiles, BILKA ROMANIC. Our team is growing and reaches 220 employees.


Two new models of metallic roof tiles are introduced, BILKA IBERIC and GOTIC. 8 new production lines for metallic roof tiles, roof accessories and elements of the rainwater system are purchased and installed. A new production line for BALCANIC metallic roof tiles is opened. By the end of the year, over 5.5 million sq m of metallic roof tiles were manufactured and marketed. The QUARTZ finish in a range of 4 colours is introduced.


Initiated an investment plan and acquired real estate assets of Romlag Brasov. Reached an area of production, storage and office space of 45,000 sq.m. . Inaugurated two new CLASIC metal tile production lines that increase production capacity by 60 %. Strengthens its leading position and ends the year with over 4 million square meters of metal roofing manufactured and marketed.


In April, BILKA moved its activity in an area dedicated to the production of 17,500 sqm and 1,000 sqm of offices. The Company exceeds its own record and ends the year with over 3.2 million square meters of metal roofing manufactured and marketed.


BILKA Steel becomes leader in the top of Romanian manufacturers of metal covering with 2,256,448 sqm of metal roofing sold. In the same year the company introduced a new product to its portfolio: Retro Panel. It is the year in which the exports to countries in Western Europe became significant.


Start of production for Balcanic metal roofing and metal roofing in 21 colors, the widest range of colors present in portfolio of a Romanian manufacturer. The Company ends year with spectacular results: turnover of 46.5 million lei and more than 8,000 houses covered.


Starts the export to EU countries and the former USSR. It develops the vehicle fleet.


The first production line is purchased for corrugated sheet and starts the production.


The Company acquires the first production line of metal roofing and roofing accessories. Located in Brasov, at that time the factory covers an area of 4,500 sq.m. The only product in the portfolio is CLASIC metal tile in 8 colors.


BILKA Steel Company is established starting as a distributor of roofing sheets.  


The production is order-based, therefore, the length of the panels is executed based on customer needs so that material losses are minimal. BILKA freely ensures the assembly plans based on drawings and projects submitted by the customer, assistance in choosing the most appropriate roof of cladding model, in choosing finishing elements, solving details and certain necessary changes.

BILKA guarantee

The quality of the final product depends primarily on the materials used, so extreme care should be paid to the choice of these materials. The roof systems and roof sheeting with polyester surface, manufactured by BILKA, are conferred a 10-year warranty for the color and corrosion characteristics. This period is also guaranteed by the raw material manufacturers.

Raw material of the highest standard:

  • thickness: 0,30 mm - 2,5 mm;
  • zinc coating: Z225 - Z275 g/mp;
  • polyester paint coating: 25 µm - 200 µm.


Main suppliers:

Furnizori Bilka


ArcelorMittal, Marcegaglia, SSAB Swedish Steel si United States Steel.