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The New WOOD Finish

finisaj wood, palisander anticato, palisander golden


The WOOD finish is the latest finish in the BILKA range, and it is designed to confer the buildings - facades, panellings or fences - style, a wooden effect, but also to ensure color stability, easy installation, minimum maintenance, durability of the steel and a better reaction to fire than wood.

The WOOD finish is available in 2 color options, for the corrugated sheet models, with different corrugation sizes, both for the roof and the walls. Upon request, the WOOD finish can be profiled for other models of coverings and accessories.


Technical specifications

Material Steel sheet, galvanized on both sides, protected with polyester
Nominal thickness
Paint coating
35 μm

Zinc coating

225 g/m2
Corrosion resistance
UV resistance
Weight per unit area
about 5 kg /sqm.
15-year warranty for color and corrosion
Expected lifespan
60 years for the roof, resistance to temperature changes

Range of colors

*Colors may be represented differently from one screen to another. For safety, please ask for the color chart from the BILKA representatives.