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T18 corrugated steel sheet

Product description

T18 corrugated steel sheet is manufactured in steel sheet, galvanized on both sides and protected with polyester.

It is used especially on facades, fences or ceilings but can be mounted on the roof as covering.


Production specifications

  • BILKA T18 corrugated sheet metal is manufactured with a nominal thickness between 0.3 - 0.5 mm, based on the construction requirements, the standard length of the modules ranges from 0.500 m and 13.5 m. Execution of modules with different lengths from the standard ones will be made after prior consultation with BILKA specialist.
  • corrugated sheet metal modules are manufactured at a nominal width of 1,000 and 1,150 mm.
  • corrugated sheet metal is profiled in two options: with folds outward for facade and folds inward for the roofs
  • 29 color options available, matt and glossy


  • T18 P for facade; 

  • T18 A for the roof.

1 - Total width      2 - Covering useful width

Technical specifications

Material Steel, galvanized sheet metal on both sides protected with polyester
Nominal thickness
0.3 - 0.5 mm
Total width
1150 mm

Covering useful width

1100 mm
Height of the corrugation
18 mm
Weight on the surface
2 - 7 kg/sqm
Warranty for glossy finishing
10 year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion
Warranty for matte finishing 15 year warranty for color characteristics and corrosion
Warranty for GrandeMat finishing 30-year warranty for color and corrosion characteristics

Useful life

60 years, resistance to temperature variations

Consult the datasheet for detailed technical information or ask BILKA specialist. (CONTACT).



Color range*

Glossy Shades

Matte Shades

GrandeMat Shades

Wood Shades

*Colors may be represented differently from one screen to another. For safety reasons ask Bilka representative to show you the color chart.